AWP Field Trip & Retreat

Do you want to know more about creative writing as an industry?
Do you also want to feel like you belong within that industry?

There’s more to creative writing than, well, writing. It’s a whole enterprise that’s made up of not only writers and students, but also agents, academics, editors, literary journals, literary organizations, publishers, readers, small presses, writing programs, and more. In addition to studying craft, it’s beneficial for writers of all levels to learn about this enterprise in order to know how their industry works.

That’s why we want to take you with us to the world’s largest literary conference.

Are you ready to learn more about the world of contemporary literature?

We’ve got the ultimate Story Is a State of Mind School field trip & retreat planned for you.


What is the AWP Field Trip & Retreat?

In true Story Is a State of Mind style, we’re planning a field trip for you to the AWP Conference & Bookfair in Tampa, Florida in March 2018. Our signature boutique touch will also make it feel like a retreat.

Not familiar with the AWP Conference & Bookfair?

The AWP Conference & Bookfair is an essential annual destination for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. Each year, since 1973, more than 12,000 attendees join the AWP community for four days of insightful dialogue, networking, and unrivaled access to the organizations and opinion-makers that matter most in contemporary literature. The conference features over 2,000 presenters and 550 readings, panels, and craft lectures. The bookfair hosts over 800 presses, journals, and literary organizations from around the world. AWP is now the largest literary conference in North America.

In other words, it’s a powerful celebration of the best that contemporary literature has to offer. It will stimulate you creatively and intellectually, light you up, and include you in a larger literary conversation.

We know that the stimulation from a field trip like this can be a bit overwhelming (even when it’s exciting), so that’s where the retreat part comes in. We’ll provide accommodations — in the form of a beautiful private waterfront home — which will be your hub for downtime, nourishing communal meals, time with me, and time in community with peers. We’ll also make selections from the AWP program and put together curated experiences in different areas of interest that will help you navigate the conference if you so choose.

Who is the AWP Field Trip & Retreat for?

AWP stands for Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Story Is a State of Mind School approaches writing with the same standards you’d expect from academia and our students are much like the ones you’d find in university-level creative writing programs. Therefore, it only makes sense that we’d participate in a conference of this calibre with our students. That’s one of the things that we do so well: bridge the gap between the creative and the academic. Even if you feel intimidated by academia, be assured that you belong (and remember how many of your favourite writers never got MFAs).

The AWP Field Trip & Retreat is open to all writers of all genres — and especially those of you who’ve already experienced any of Story Is a State of Mind’s programs, from the Daily Prompts to The Story Course.

It’s also for anyone who’s interested in deepening the conversation about writing in their world and open to learning about contemporary literature as an industry.

The great thing about AWP is that there’s something for everyone. Whatever stage you’re at with your writing you can find something to support you, from the art of writing, to the business of publishing.


AWP can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. When you go on your own you have to book a hotel room — and when 12,000+ writers descend on a city they fill up fast, plus they’re expensive. Once you’re at the conference, the energy is high and things can feel chaotic if you don’t have a plan. During breaks, there are huge line-ups for food that might not be as nourishing as you’d like. Those are the downsides of AWP and we’ll address them all for you so you don’t have to.

You’ll get:

  • your accommodations taken care of for the duration of the conference (think Florida-style architecture, a beautiful place to sleep and rest, a shared dining room/kitchen, spectacular outdoor gathering spaces...and a pool)
  • a soft landing and a welcome dinner
  • gorgeous and nourishing food prepared by a private chef, including: hot breakfasts, gourmet packed lunches (no line-ups required!), and multi-course dinners back at the house (or saved for you for later if you’ve got evening plans)
  • curated options for you to experience AWP in a way that suits your needs (e.g. according to your genre, or based on a theme such as editing/revision or livelihood)
  • a cohort to attend the conference with/the company of like-minded community
  • safe transportation between the accommodations and the conference venue
  • debriefing sessions in the evenings
  • office hours with me
  • a high-level of care from the Story Is a State of Mind team
  • special treats to help you feel completely taken care of — including a small, thoughtful gift to help you tap into your creative superpowers, and a Story Is A State of Mind school bag filled with things you might need at the conference

You’ll leave:

  • having made new writing friends
  • feeling as though “the well” is full
  • more motivated than when you arrived
  • emboldened by a sense of belonging to a world you care so deeply about


Wednesday, March 7, 2018, to Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Conference schedule:

The full conference schedule will be announced in October 2017 — although we already know that George Saunders is the keynote speaker! (We can also tell you that AWP is known for featuring literary luminaries such as Annie Proulx, Amy Tan, Jonathan Franzen, Roxane Gay, Karen Russell, Geoff Dyer, Tobias Wolff and Joyce Carol Oates. The conference schedule will be available here.)

Your registration fee includes your entry into the AWP conference.


Four nights, five days shared accommodations in a beautiful Tampa waterfront house. It's everything we were looking for: bright, elegant, spacious, luxurious, and peaceful.

The house features an outdoor pool, sauna, fireplace, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen with pizza oven. We'll gather in the evenings with a glass of wine to enjoy the incredible sunset views from our patio.

All rooms are double occupancy (two beds per room). If you would like to attend but require a single room, please send us an email before you register ([email protected]). We may be able to accommodate your request for an additional fee.




All meals (hot breakfasts, gourmet packed lunches, multi-course dinners, and snacks) are included. All meals served throughout the retreat will be vegan, with gluten-free options and limited refined sugar. If you have additional dietary restrictions, please let us know and our chef will be able to adjust the menu.

Our chef, Melissa Spies, specializes in vegan, therapeutic, and health-supportive cuisines. She will be happy to adapt her recipes to meet the requirements of special diets and specific health conditions.

Melissa uses fresh, local, organic, and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.


Transportation to and from the conference daily, and to and from the airport, is included. We will be making multiple trips to the conference every day to accommodate everyone's schedules.

Travel to Tampa is not included. Please book your travel to arrive late afternoon or early evening on Wednesday and depart on Sunday morning.


We love AWP. The resources it provides are unparalleled in North America and it makes you feel steeped in all of the wonderful things contemporary literature has to offer. We hope that you’ll join us to experience the conference in the most unfrazzled and indulgent way possible. All you’ll need to do is show up, relax, open up your brain and let it get turned on.

The total cost for the retreat is $2,850 USD. You can pay your fee all at once, or choose the option of a three-part payment plan.

Enroll Now: